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What is a Caveman?

Some people may visit this blog and think “why is this guy still writing about the caveman, they went extinct 20,000 years ago?”

Or maybe they are wondering, who cares about the caveman anymore?

The fact of the matter is that the caveman is neither extinct nor irrelevant.

IMG 0152 300x224 What is a Caveman?

The spirit of the caveman lives on in our daily interactions. It is at the heart of our deepest desires and primal instincts.

Why the Caveman?

The caveman had a thirst for knowledge, and a need to explore. He walked this vast earth, feeling tiny among the huge trees and mountain ranges, and the overwhelming nighttime sky and solar system. He had a curiosity about his surrounding world, coupled with a need to dominate and control it.

The cavemen lived a life of great risk, immeasurable compared to what we deal with today.  Every single day they took a risk by stepping out of their caves. They lived amongst ferocious predatory animals, yet they never backed down.

The cavemen evolved and adapted. They discovered ways to hunt smarter, sleep safer, live longer, and improve the tribe.

Man is always looking to evolve and adapt. Producing inventions to improve our lives. Technologies to advance our learning. Invent, build, and create.

The caveman believed in sparking fires, drawing cave paintings, hunting, and gathering.  He understood the power of the community, and everything was done to support and strengthen the tribe. Strength in numbers.

By all accounts, the Caveman exceed expectations.  He survived for several centuries, when it would have been just as easy to give up in the face of all those obstacles and perish as a people.

It is a tolerance for risk that is hard-wired into our human DNA. The hardships that the caveman once faced make it possible for humans to handle all forms of adversity.  

The innovations that the caveman created have fostered a legacy of entrepreneurial spirt and build-it-yourself attitudes.

The risks that the caveman once took now manifest themselves in a culture of risk-takers and adventurers.

The human race is nothing if not resilient. Throughout the ages, and the cultures, we have exceeded expectations at every turn.   

We have produced explorers like Columbus, Marco Polo, and Jacques Cousteau.

We have produced thinkers like Pythagoras, Aristotle, Galileo, and the rest.

We have produced inventors like Leonardo da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, Edison, and Steve Jobs.

All of these great men are cavemen. (There are great women, too.  I am not trying to be sexist or exclusive.)  

They have an everlasting curiosity of the world, a thirst for knowledge, and a higher capacity to take risks, and explore uncharted territory.

Without the cavemen of the world, we would not have some of the inventions and technologies that improve our daily lives, and drive our world economy.

Furthermore, there a great caveman lurking inside of every single one of us. There are the primal, caveman instincts that fuel our desires and compel us to great, important things.  At some point, it is simply a manner or releasing the inner-caveman, and going big.  

IMG 0141 300x188 What is a Caveman?

The Caveman Mantra for going big

  1. Cavemen like to be entertained.  Visuals are better than words.  Slogans and rhymes are better than sentences.  Make it fun. Make it visual.  Make it entertaining.  Good storytelling is at the heart of caveman communications. 
  2.  Cavemen don’t have big brains.  They don’t understand complex thoughts. Always be ready to simplify your approach, and break down your methods into easy to understand chunks.
  3. Cavemen are never defensive. They are hunters. They go on the attack. Go for incendiary material. Make bold statements, and then back them up.  Stay aggressive in your content.
  4. Cavemen carried the big clubs.  The big club gets you respect.  The little club gets you mauled by a Tiger.
  5. Cavemen paint the best pictures.  Cave paintings are like good copywrite. Learn how to write copy.  Most cavemen are still learning how to form words properly, so you can run circles around the competition with good writing.
  6. Cavemen build the tribe. If you can carry the biggest club, people will want to get behind you (out of respect, and for protection). Gather everyone that you can, bring them into your cave, and keep them there.
  7. Cavemen invented the wheel. Create something original. Get your tribe involved. Then they will want to buy it from you once it’s complete.

Above all else, the cavemen is always restless, and never comfortable. They are always exploring and evolving. They exceed all expectations when everyone else believes it can’t be done. 

Real cavemen take real action. They work hard.  They get results. They earn revenue. 

They still walk among us. 

Confidence vs. Overconfidence


 Confidence is the core of the basis of your personality. 

Self-confidence is an attitude which allows you to have a more positive, yet realistic, view of yourself and your situation. 

Self-confident people trust their own abilities and have a general sense of trust in their lives. They believe that, within reason, they will be able to do whatever they wish, plan and expect.

Self-confidence allows you to take risks, because you’ll have enough confidence in your own abilities that if things go wrong you’ll be able to make them right.

You gain strength, courage and confidence from every experience in which you really start to look fear in the face.

Self-confidence does not mean you have to be perfect. images Confidence vs. Overconfidence

Self-confident people have realistic expectations even when some of those expectations are not met. They continue to be positive and accept themselves.

Self-confidence is different than the confidence that comes from the core of who you are. 

It is wholly dependent on the circumstances relevant to the tasks in the situation. The more knowledge you have on a particular subject the more confidence you will have in that situation.

Confidence is established with preparation.

Be aware of the trap of confidence without competence. 

Be sure to track your progress and ask for constructive criticism every once in a while.

But remember that over-confidence is dangerous. 

It can obscure your judgement and set you up for serious failure, devastating the self-confidence you already have.

Cultivate a healthy sense of awareness, a presence of mind, and a sincerity of intention. 

Be focused. Be fearless. Be confident. 

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